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Vilharia is designed to maximize energy efficiency and provide a workspace connected to nature. As a remediated brownfield, it will help make the city more compact, walkable and bicycle friendly. Its technologies and materials will be carefully selected to maximize indoor comfort and minimize impact on the environment. Kind to nature from the first glance on the façade to the first step on our staple green roofs.

Energy Efficient Technology

Always looking after nature by reducing resource consumption and carbon footprint through innovation.

Green Roofs

Reduce heat island effect and beautify the environment so the captivating view is more of a bonus.

Natural Materials

Surrounded by organic wood, stone and plant life, we shake hands with natural beauty.

Water Preservation

Advanced rainwater retention and irrigation helps prevent floods, improve the surrounding microclimate and returns water to the natural cycle.

Supporting Healthy Lifestyle

We are stout supporters of healthy lifestyle. Hence, we made extra sure Vilharia is bicycle friendly and provides space for sports, even on the rooftop.

Protecting Biodiversity

To thrive means to protect biodiversity. Diverse flora and urban beekeeping are therefore a natural step.

ESG Compliance

Certified office space is a key part in furthering your company’s ESG goals and establishing a responsible business practice.


Lowering emissions

Energy efficient design reduces pollution and together with the green roofs helps improve outdoor air quality in the cities and reduce the contribution to global climate change.


Increased employee satisfaction

Employers in LEED-certified spaces report higher recruitment and retention rates, and increased employee productivity.


Protecting occupant health

High indoor air quality reduces absenteeism as a consequence of health issues and stress, leading to self-reported improvements in productivity.


Conserving water

Our LEED Platinum offices reduced their water consumption by over 50% compared to conventional buildings. All the rainwater that falls on Vilharia will be conserved and returned to the natural cycle.


Reducing waste

By 2030, LEED projects will have diverted more than 540 million tons of waste from landfills. LEED design is a key component in promoting sustainable and regenerative material cycles.


Creating long-term community

Sustainability is also a question of social and economic proportions. Dynamic ground floor, active green roofs, interconnectedness and ideal location make Vilharia the ideal hub of business and community life for decades to come.

Leading the field

Vilharia is the first office building in Slovenia to achieve the highest level of international sustainability certification LEED Platinum. LEED is the world leading green building project and performance management system. It delivers a comprehensive framework for green building design, construction, operations and performance which allows us to decrease operational costs, reduce environmental impact and increase productivity, comfort, health and wellbeing for occupants.


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LEED is a holistic system that doesn’t simply focus on one element of a building such as energy, water or health, rather it looks at the big picture factoring in all of the critical elements that work together to create the best building possible.

"Sustainability is close to our hearts as Slovenians. I am therefore very proud to be working on a project which embraces it to such an extent and pushes the boundaries of green construction."

Liza Privšek Junior Development Manager

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